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Tech at the Gap: Igniting Innovation 2018

Tech at the Gap | Sec. Kelly Schulz Presentation | 2018 from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: To kick off the conference, Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) Secretary Kelly M. Schulz announced that the Western Maryland IT Center of Excellence will receive $566,000 in Employment Advancement Right Now (EARN) Maryland program funds for 2019 and 2020.


Maja Kazazic | Keynote from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: In this keynote presentation, Maja Kazazic shares her personal story and the lessons of a life forever altered by what could have been catastrophic wounds of war, her road to recovery, and how innovation and technology changed her world.


Marlon Attiken | Keynote from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: Technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), the internet of things (IoT), and blockchain are both accelerating and converging at a rapid pace. Acceleration and convergence have unlocked new forms of value for both the enterprise and the individual.


Matt Loff | Breakout from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: Drawing on years of first-hand experience architecting solutions that focus on processing, delivery, and presentation of data, Matt provides an opinionated overview of trendy topics in software engineering – separating technologies that can prove useful to small- to medium-sized teams versus those that are more hype than promise for everyday use.


Paul Sjoberg | Breakout from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: Innovation does not happen by accident. It takes a growth mindset along with consistent and systematic effort. Discover the tactics and habits used by the innovators and leaders of our day to make an impact on the world and others.


Dr. Memo Diriker | Breakout from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: Dr. Diriker shares Data Analysis and Data Visualization best practices being utilized for decision support in business creation and expansion; for policy analysis in economic and workforce development, and in a variety of different ways in community development.


Anne Balduzzi | Breakout from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: Anne provides an overview of AI’s current progress and promises for the future, while also highlighting how the actions we take today will impact future generations.


David Biser | Breakout from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: David Biser, a cybersecurity incident response engineer and “Tech at the Gap” favorite, facilitates a cybersecurity tabletop exercise where he walks panel representatives through a current cybersecurity threat from its discovery to the IT community at large, how it might infiltrate a network, and how each panelist might detect and respond to the threat, all while protecting their assets and keeping their operations intact. Panel representatives: Ramon Balut, Director of Information Security, Trivergent Health Alliance; Lori Bennett, Director of Networking and IT Security, Frostburg State University; Ben Strozykowski, DevOps and Security Specialist, Exclamation Labs; Matthew T. Growden, CISSP, CCBSO, Vice President & Chief Information Officer, First United Bank & Trust;  Brad Halterman, Network/Infrastructure Engineer, Northrop Grumman (not pictured)


Winston Frazer | Breakout from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: Winston Frazer, Co-Founder, and CEO of Danae Prosthetics believes that 3D printing technology is the vehicle that will allow humanity to break free from its mental and physical limitations. Frazer embodies innovation from an entrepreneurial perspective as well as technical.


Ashlee Benge | Breakout from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: Cisco’s Talos team specializes in early-warning intelligence and threat analysis necessary for defending networks against the ever-changing threat landscape. Ashlee discusses recent threats and the methods and analysis used by Talos to defend against them.


Jonathan Hawk | Breakout from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: Is your business positioned to excel and innovate in the next twenty years, or will you be playing catch-up? Jonathan provides a look at technological innovations of the past and the hot new tech of the present to map out what the future holds.


Ron Ingram | Breakout from Allegany Media on Vimeo.

Summary: In this breakout session, Ron gave an overview of DevSecOps and how an adoption of DevSecOps provides a roadmap for continuous security and compliance for cloud-based assets.