Keynote: How Innovation and Technology Help Us Reach Our Full Potential

In this keynote presentation, Maja will share her personal story, her road to recovery, and how innovation and technology changed her world. It may have taken her 15 years and swimming with a special dolphin — who is also missing her tail — to develop technology that would change both of their lives.

Maja will share a story of her friend, Winter the dolphin (from the book and movie, Dolphin Tale), and their journey to a prosthetic that, after 15 years, allowed Maja to run pain-free. She will also share a story of her amputee Great Dane Rosie. Rosie is also benefiting from innovation and technology because even though she is only three years old, Rosie has had over 17 prosthetic legs. In order for us to go beyond basic survival and reach our full potential, we have to make innovation a vital part of our culture and daily lives – both at work and at home.


Keynote Presentation
Location: Allegheny Room Date: October 24, 2018 Time: 8:45 am - 10:00 am Maja Kazaric Maja Kazazic