David Biser

David Biser is an Incident Response Engineer/Manager with Proficio. He began working in digital forensics as a law enforcement officer 15 years ago and as cyber-crime expanded its influence, he expanded his training and experience. He has worked criminal cases ranging from child pornography to intrusion and cyber theft cases. He currently holds several industry certifications and actively provides incident response assistance to clients from a variety of industries.

Proficio, a Next-Generation Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), provides 24×7 security monitoring and advanced data breach prevention services to mid to large-sized enterprises. The company has experienced rapid growth primarily due to the rise in cloud-based services, the acceptance of the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, and the increasing number of cyber security attacks on businesses, hospitals and government. In response, Proficio developed proprietary security content and threat intelligence tools to identify and proactively defend against advanced attacks and insider threats.

Breakout Session: Threat Hunting in Modern Networks

Are you ready for modern threats?  In this session, we will explore the next step in network security:  threat hunting.  What tools do you need?  What skills should your hunters possess?  What techniques should be followed to provide an adequate threat hunt?  Learn more about the newest defensive strategy in keeping your data secure.

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