Jeff Smith


Yes, Jeff Smith is my real name. I’m that crazy database guy. I’m a proud father of two and husband to an awesome gal from Cumberland, MD. A software and database geek by trade, I call the Raleigh/Durham metropolitan area home. I was born and raised in West Virginia, and I’m a partially reformed hillbilly.

I have worked for independent software vendors since 1999, specializing in design, development, and administration tools for relational databases. For the past six years, I have been a product manager for Oracle, responsible for both database tools and the REST APIs for the Oracle Database. My true passion lies in helping people maximize their productivity and retain sanity — and hopefully have a bit of fun as well.

When I’m not speaking at conferences around the world, you can find me bothering people on Twitter @thatjeffsmith.

Keynote: Transitioning to a Cloud Model

Oracle for the majority of its 40 year business life, has traditionally been in the business of software sales. Our customers’ needs demand the flexibility that the Cloud offers – easy and quick deployments of infrastructure, platform, and application services coupled with the ability to scale up and down as necessary. Jeff will talk about the internal and external challenges faced and steps taken to not only successfully transition to this new business model, but to become a stronger in the marketplace as a result.

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