Joseph Muniz

Joseph Muniz is an architect at Cisco Systems and security researcher. He has extensive experience in designing security solutions and architectures for the top Fortune 500 corporations and US Government. An example of Joseph’s research is his RSA talk, “Social Media Deception”, that has been quoted by many sources. It can be found by searching “Emily Williams Social Engineering” as well as articles in PenTest Magazine regarding various security topics.

Joseph runs thesecurityblogger website, a popular resource for security and product implementation. He is the author and contributor of several publications, including titles on building security operations centers (SOC)s, CCNA cyber ops certification, web penetration testing and hacking with raspberry pi. Joseph’s next title will be Digital Forensics for Network Engineers, released on Cisco Press early 2018. Follow Joseph at<> and @SecureBlogger.

Breakout Session: More Perimeter Than Meets the Eye — Edge Security Best Practices

Lately, there has been a massive shift in focus by security solution providers from edge technologies to identifying insider threats. Detecting insider threats is important; however, that doesn’t mean you should stop enhancing your edge capabilities. For starters, 90% of all insider threats phone out of the network making the edge an effective insider threat detection tool as well! Also, anything found within the network should be blacklisted by the edge so the threat doesn’t have a second chance to compromise the network. These are just some of the best practices covered in this talk that matured security architectures can provide. Joey Muniz is the author of several books including best practices for running a Security Operations Center (SOC) and an upcoming Cisco Press title on Digital Forensics.


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