Ryan Hamerski

Ryan Hamerski is currently President and CEO of Synergist Computing, a software development firm building custom software for mission-critical government organizations and businesses facing technical challenges. Ryan founded Synergist in 2012, and made certain to build a workplace that cultivates professional and personal growth. As a software developer himself, he knows the resources necessary to aid software engineers to successfully tap into their skill set. Since then, Synergist has grown exponentially and established a reputation of producing reliable and dynamic solutions for their clients. The company has also been able to win several “Best Places to Work” awards and continues to nurture a healthy workplace culture.

Ryan graduated with an M.S. in Computer Science from Frostburg University in 2006 and proceeded to work for different companies and leading several programs within several federal agencies. Though being a CEO comes with a long daily task list, you can always find him researching and developing an application to meet an industry need or making time to spend with his family.

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