Stéphane Collignon, Ph.D

Stéphane E. Collignon, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor with the department of Management Information Systems in the College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University. He received an M.B.A. from Duquesne University and B.A. in Entrepreneurship from Institut Commercial de Nancy, France. Collignon’s two main current research interests are transportation procurement issues and privacy issues on social media. These topics are partially inspired from his experience in industry where Collignon worked for 7 years in logistics as an analyst and a project manager in two different French distribution companies. His research has appeared in Information & Management, Information Technology Management, and Expert Systems with Applications. Collignon is a member of the Decision Sciences Institute and the IFIP Working Group on Information Systems Security Research.

Breakout Session: Decision Modeling with Data: Real-World Cases 

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